In 1848, the birth of Omega in the Swiss Confederation, Louis Brandt (Louis Brandt) and La Chaux-de-Fonds (La Chaux-de-Fonds) began to watch the assembly work. In 1880, Louis Brandt's sons, Louis-Paul and Csar, relocated the plant to the fully manned, resource-rich and easily accessible Bienne region. Since then, the use of mechanized production, uniform specifications parts, and the introduction of a new division of the system assembly work, fitted with precision and accurate, high quality and reasonable price of the watch. Omega 19 world-famous movement in 1894 after the launch, not only become a symbol of excellence, the company also named "Omega." In 1848, the replica watches uk was born in the hands of a 23-year-old young man. This man is Louis Brandt , A small craftsman. In the long winter in Switzerland, Brandt by a weak light, from the local craftsmen to buy parts of the pieces together, made at that time the popular pocket watch. Spring came, snow, and Brandt took his watch in the European countries to sell street. Brandt's two sons Louis Paul and Caesar subsequently joined him. In 1879 Brandt died, two sons to stir up the family business. His son will Louis Brandt transformed into a watch factory, the plant moved to the human enough, abundant resources and convenient transportation in the Bill region, Louis Brandt became Switzerland's largest watch business. For rolex replica, 1894 is to change the fate of the year - the combination of innovative spin-off model was born out of "19 points movement." After the relocation of the Brandt company first to give up the old manual assembly system, mass production of standardized parts, precision assembly, the industry is considered to be accurate in the real time for the watch industry from a large number of production, division of the assembly era . At that time a banker to this great success of the movement named "OMEGA", which is the last letter of the Greek, is to show that this movement has a perfect performance. In this year, through ingenious advertising made the market success of the Omega movement Geneva and London Observatory issued by the Hong Kong Observatory certificate. To commemorate this achievement, OMEGA has since become the official name of the brand. Omega soon grow up to become the largest rolex replica watches manufacturing one of the few. But the company's pillars - Louis - Paul and Caesar died in 1903. The annual production of 240,000 watchs, with 800 workers Omega fell into the hands of a group of young people - Brandt family of the third generation, the largest of them Paul Emile is under 24 years of age. Omega in Paul Amir nearly half a century of operation, become the real name in the watch. The advent of World War I in Europe, Paul Amir is a shrewd businessman, with the Allies, the Axis countries are doing business, to provide them with military watches, but the economic difficulties still have to cede part of his interests, after a twist, The world's number one watch group SSIH-ASUAG's. However, the company command of the various brands of the watch, its production and sales are independent of each other, that is, even if the earliest merger Omega and Tissot is no different. Omega's most intelligent is that there is no spread to the tabulation of the industrialization of each link, but to watch the last one to retain the manual process to complete, which makes it still can be unashamedly advertised their own "refused to mass production, uphold Handmade Swiss watchmaking tradition ". The latest design mainly by the coaxial escapement device, with 3 jeweled escapement fork and the impeller on the wheel of the gem and a non-card balance hairspring balance wheel. Coaxial escapement system can effectively reduce the friction between the gem components, so that the watch in the long-term operation is still maintained under the precision and accuracy.