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With an up-to-date PC Senior Membership you won’t need to struggle with your computing just for the sake of having no-one to ask! As a Member you can ring John or Sandra any time for help/advise or send them an eMail detailing your problem.

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We also do special sessions over a number of visits for special interests such as:

Digital Camera for FUN

Getting started with eBay/Paypal


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Broadband Setup; choosing a Computer/Tablet;
Spyware Protection/Virus Removal; 1to1 Training and Support; Mobile Phones and TV Setups; COMPUTER REPAIRS & SERVICE.

Why not take advantage of my special  ‘Home Visit Package’
Have your Windows 10 Computer Tweaked for easy working and go through the

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PC Senior Membership & Home Visits are ideal for the 50+ Age Group

Your Tutor will go at YOUR pace and you can learn what YOU want to know on your Computer/iPAD etc in an easy/fun way - You won’t need to be a Whiz Kid or remember complicated STUFF and you will be left with a Worksheet to go through in your own time and at your own speed!